India is a mix-bag of culture and religions with monuments and structures of priceless value at every nook and corner.

The Heritage Club conceptulaised by ‘India City Walks‘ strive to engage in outreach and volunteer efforts in a bid to serve and improve our community while promoting Heritage, culture and protect local and natural heritage. 

The specially designed student engagement heritage programmes provides the means that enable youth to connect with subject matter experts to ensure that our historic environment provides a strong foundation in building a successful future. We will be taking full advantage of digital technology, celebrating our history and heritage; Investing in our communities; and via CSR partnerships  we ensure sustainability for the Heritage of the future while trying to understand and enhance what we have inherited from the past. 


Our Aim is to 

  1. Raise awareness, appreciation and enjoyment of our heritage, 
  2. Acquire knowledge through survey and research and 
  3. Promote best practice in heritage conservation and management. 
  4. Conduct walks, organise workshops and community engagement events.

Heritage Club’ strives to promote the conservation and enhancement of heritage structures in order to preserve the unique culture and heritage of India.

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Our vision is to celebrate our rich cultural diversity through shared experiences and values, so that all can gain a greater understanding and appreciation of our country’s history, heritage and communities. The working groups that we establish shall consist of members across various age groups as well as subject matter experts to make recommendations on the range of heritage programmes that can be implemented to generate a sense of ownership among the local communities with regard to the heritage of their country. These working groups shall discuss themes that include but are not limited to Built Heritage and Archaeology, Natural Heritage and Biodiversity and Cultural Heritage. 

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‘Heritage Club’ is a initiative by ‘INDIA CITY WALKS’ to achieve economic, social, environmental, and community goals. Our organisation offers an innovative model for maximising the economic impact of heritage and partner with people who can make a difference.

We intent to work with you to develop a closer cooperation to further the achievement of key goals related to heritage awareness.

 You can contact us for more information at:  | +91 989 969 2790